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In less than a month, the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival will begin, this time without international participants due to the Pandemic. Main theme of the 10th Starpoint will be freedom.


Flood of Solidarity for Change

In the wake of the disastrous flooding in Germany, Bishop Zoltán Balog, ministerial president of the Synod of RCH expressed the solidarity of the Hungarian reformed community with partner churches in Germany and invited children of the affected families to Hungary.

Bárka tábor megnyitó 2021

„You are in the right place”

Drop your anchors here, and you’ll be in the right place! – On 8 July, the fourth season of the RCH’s Ark Camp officially started in Balatonfenyves. It is the largest ever opportunity-building program of RCH, allowing six thousand five hundred children to camp free of charge.


The Helping Hand of the Church

I would like every Hungarian Reformed congregation member to feel that they, too, are represented by the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) workers who go out to help those in need, wearing the flag-bearing lamb symbol on their clothes,’ said Károly Czibere.

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Kosa mónika

"We Have Many Dreams"

Four years ago, in June 2018 the power of faith, the ideas of ambitious staff members, and a grant opportunity resulted in the launch of the first round of the Ark Camp, the largest equal opportunity-building program of the Reformed Church in Hungary.


Journeying Together in Christ

We have been blessed in the past years by a growing partnership with the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria. In an interview we asked Rev. Dr. Harout Selimian, president of the community, to reflect on the cooperation, the support of the Hungary Helps Program and the actual situation in the country.


The Joy of Human Touch

After a fourteen-month ban, we can we visit our loved ones in residential institutions and elderly homes holding an immunity card to. One phase of the pandemic is over, but the virus is still with us. Interview with András Beszterczey, Head of the Diaconal Office.

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Church with Others

Roma Ministry

„Lets be open to what God is telling us!”

In 2021, the third four-year support period of HEKS (Swiss Protestant Church Aid Organization) and the Hungarian Reformed Inter-Church Agreement began. In the framework of the cooperation the Swiss organization supports the mission among Roma and disadvantaged.

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Migration and Refugee

Budapest - The City Of Light

Annamaria Apelt finished high school in 2019 and shortly after that she found herself in Budapest, as part of her social voluntary year. She volunteered with the Refugee Ministry of RCH, supporting the daily operation of RCH's implementing partner, the Kalunba Social Services Non-Profit.

Putting Her Plans in God’s Hands

At 23 years old Angela Canadey is serving as a coordinator for Kalunba Social Services, and member of the Churches' Commission for Migrants of Europe (CCME). Originally from Pakistan, her family fled to Hungary because of the threat their Christian faith posed to their livelihood there.

We Are Citizens Of God's Kingdom

Pakistani and Hungarian, but above all: Christian. This is how Angela Canadey, coordinator of the Refugee Ministry of RCH - who arrived in Hungary as a refugee with her family - speaks about herself.

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Christians in Minority

Journeying Together in Christ

We have been blessed in the past years by a growing partnership with the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria. In an interview we asked Rev. Dr. Harout Selimian, president of the community, to reflect on the cooperation, the support of the Hungary Helps Program and the actual situation in the country.

The Hungarian Support Saved Reformed Schools in Lebanon

Two partner churches of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) received aid through the Hungary Helps Program in the past two years, the project period closed on the end of 2020. The Hungarian help served Reformed institutions of the country which are in critical condition and made bigger investments possible.

Supporting the Near East School of Theology

During a video conference on December 22nd, the Debrecen Reformed Theological University (DRHE), the Transtibiscan Diocese and the Both Antal Theological and Cultural Foundation delivered their joint donation to the Protestant theological school in Beirut, which suffered damage in the explosions on August 4th.

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Elections 2020

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The Watershed

The church didn’t receive its mandate from the world, this is why the outgoing ministerial president of the Synod of Reformed Church in Hungary didn’t care about the expectations of society during his long service. Interview about 18 years in office with Bishop István Szabó.

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Election Almost Complete

In the past months congregations of the four Church Districts of RCH elected Bishops and Lay Presidents. The new Synod will be constituted on 17th February 2021 and will elect the Ordained and Lay President of RCH. All the candidates at a glance.

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Alakuló közgyűlés Dunamelléken 2021-ben

Zoltán Balog Inaugurated as Bishop

“The consequence of forgiveness is that we can invite each other – into our congregations, our church and our Christianity” – said at his inauguration the Bishop of the Danubian Reformed Church District on January 25.

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Károly Fekete Confirmed as Bishop

The newly elected Assembly of the Transtibiscan Church District was constituted in Debrecen in form of a video conference on 30 January. Members confirmed the result of the elections and chose new officers.

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Committed to Serve in Unity

Each member of the new Synod of RCH will have a free mandate and can choose presidents and vice-presidents of the highest decisions making body freely. Communique on the election of the Presidents of RCH correcting false press statements.

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Christianity around the World

World Communion of Reformed Churches

WCRC joins in support of gender equality

In 1995, 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, an ambitious roadmap for gender equality. In the last 26 years, religious actors …

Conference of European Churches

Messages from CEC General Secretary

To connect with CEC Member Churches across Europe, CEC general secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen brings highlights from significant CEC activities in a video update …

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