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CEC Panel on Peace Dialogue in Ukraine

On October 6, the Conference of European Churches (CEC), in cooperation with the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the International Forum 16th Ecumenical Social Week, organized a hybrid panel comprising Ukrainian church representatives to explore questions of peace and reconciliation.

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Emergency Response for Ukraine - Overview and Updates

On February 24 Russia attacked Ukraine and invaded the country. Due to the military operations and actual war in our neighbouring country, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. Internally displaced people have reached the Western part of Ukraine, called also Trans- or Subcarpathia and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) has been providing emergency response from the first day and will keep international partners informed about its operation by publishing daily updates.

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Zsukovszky Miklós

Solidarity With Pastors in Ukraine

Those who stay in Ukraine and continue serving faithfully among elderly people and refugees need help themselves. The Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary issued a circular requesting pastors to offer parts of their salaries for the fellow ministers in Ukraine, persevering and serving faithfully in the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia. International partners are also welcome to show solidarity.

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There Is Also Healing in the Lord for Pains

Three thousand prisoners of Roma origin were executed at the Auschwitz Gypsy camp on the 2 of August 1944. On this day, the Roma of Europe commemorate the Holocaust, the porajmos as they call it, or in the Lovari dialect, the pharrajimos, the destruction.

Zán Fábián Sándor püspök

"The nation lives in church and school"

We talked to Sándor Fábián Zán, Bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transcarpathia (KRE), candidate of the 2022 elections. Among other things, he talked about the past 16 years of his term as Bishop, his current life situation, the present and the future of the Reformed Church.

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From assimilation to inclusion

We come across the concepts of assimilation and integration on a daily basis, but few people understand the meaning of the word inclusion. The term, which is primarily used in education, means ‘I will get to know your characteristics, and you will get to know mine, and this is how we form a community,’ explains Krisztina Naszádi, the coordinator of the Inclusive Education Program of the Swiss Church Aid (HEKS) and the Reformed Church in Hungary. We asked the specialist about the background and practice of inclusive education.

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Church with Others

Roma Ministry

In the Service of Empowerment

For the fourth time, the Department for Social Inclusion of the Diaconia of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) organised a professional development day with the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA).

There Is Also Healing in the Lord for Pains

Three thousand prisoners of Roma origin were executed at the Auschwitz Gypsy camp on the 2 of August 1944. On this day, the Roma of Europe commemorate the Holocaust, the porajmos as they call it, or in the Lovari dialect, the pharrajimos, the destruction.

A record number of participants in the network meeting of the Reformed Inclusive Primary Schools

Since 2017, HEKS (the Swiss Church Aid) has supported efforts to make elementary schools maintained by the Hungarian Reformed Church more inclusive. Today, more than a dozen institutions carry out development aimed at inclusion, and their spring network meeting was hosted by the headquarters of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA). More than fifty employees from eleven schools participated in the all-day workshop on May 22.

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Migration and Refugee

HRCA Refugee Ministry Summer Snapshots

The Refugee Ministry is a division of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), assisting refugees with integration through various programs and services. Different divisions of the Refugee Ministry summarized their recent activities and accomplishments in these brief snapshots.

Celebrating Unity and Culture at the 2023 City Park Picnic

In June, clients at the Refugee Ministry organized a community picnic at the city park. Angela Canadey, the Swiss Church Aid (HEKS) Coordinator and Project Assistant for the Refugee Ministry’s Base Integration Program, briefly summarized the lively event.

Budapest - The City Of Light

Annamaria Apelt finished high school in 2019 and shortly after that she found herself in Budapest, as part of her social voluntary year. She volunteered with the Refugee Ministry of RCH, supporting the daily operation of RCH's implementing partner, the Kalunba Social Services Non-Profit.

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Christians in Minority

Standing Together in Faith

On September 2nd, the Reformed community in Hungary supported two gatherings to bring awareness and affirm its support for the Christian community facing persecution in Pakistan. A gathering hosted by the Érdliget Reformed Parish included powerful testimonies, and another, a prayer group hosted at the community center for the Refugee Ministry, honored the victims of the persecution.

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Christianity around the World

World Communion of Reformed Churches

Member Church News: Advent, Records, Peace

Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church and its community project, The Mead Centre, have become official Guinness World Record breakers. Collectively known as MK Can, the …

Conference of European Churches

SASCE presented in Slovakia and France

Training on security awareness and crisis management in Europe was carried out for CEC Member Churches in Slovakia and France. The sessions were part of …

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