Arson at Ráday Reformed Dormitory

2019. február 05., kedd

The joint investigation of the Budapest Police Headquarters and the Budapest Disaster Management Directorates concluded that the fire, which had claimed the life of one person, was caused by arson.

On Thursday, the detectives suspected two fifteen and one sixteen-year olds in connection to the fire and interrogated them as suspects for causing public danger. During their interrogation, the teenagers confessed to the crime and showed remorse. Currently, the three teenagers have not been taken into custody. 

The detectives of the Budapest Police Headquarters informed the Communications Department of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) that the teenagers set a mattress on fire, outside of the building, at the entrance to Markusovszky Square, from which the fire spread to the dormitory.

“We are saddened by the news that the Ráday dormitory has fallen as victim to arson,” said Bishop István Szabó in reaction to the result of the investigation. The Presiding Bishop expressed his thanks to the authorities for their thorough work. “We lament that teenagers have committed this terrible act which took the life of another person. We are praying to our God of grace for them as well.”

Photos by Richárd Kalocsai

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