“In whatever you face, we will not forget you”

2014. március 31., tags: ukraine, sándor zán fábián, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

“In whatever you face, we will not forget you” the president and secretary of the Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches Europe expressed in a message of support to the reformed people of Transcarpathia. The Council met in Warsaw on 27-28 March with some 40 participants representing 25 churches to, among other orders of business, extend their solidarity and prayers for the people of Ukraine.

Anything but war!

2014. március 10., tags: statement, hungarian reformed church (hrc), ukraine, solidarity, sándor zán fábián

“I've just received a message on the phone: our deputy bishop has received his summons” – with this dramatic announcement, Sándor Zán Fábián opened his report on the Ukrainian crisis at  the General Convent’s presidency session of the Hungarian Reformed Church held on 7 March in Beregdaróc. Zán, the bishop in Subcarpathia, said that it is not only the pastor in Ungvár that this has happened to in the last few days. Fear and anxiety dwells in the hearts of the people, the women and mothers are worried about their husbands and sons.

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