Staying True amidst Changing Context

2018. november 23., tags: synod, partnership, Synod, dutch reformed church (drc)

The General Secretary of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC), Gustav Claassen visited Hungary, in his speech at the Synod he emphasized: similarly to the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) DRC is also continuously trying to find the answer to the question of what it means to stay true to the Reformed confessional basis amidst changing contexts. The South African church leader mentioned three practical examples.

Growing Partnership in the Middle East

2018. október 24., tags: armenian evangelical community in syria, syria, Middle East, partnership, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), partership visit, middle east

Through many years of mutual collaboration, the partnership of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Reformed churches in the Middle East only grows stronger. A highlight of this long-standing partnership is the recent visit of Syrian church leaders to discuss opportunities of further cooperation.

Radical Faith

2018. szeptember 27., tags: united evangelical mission (vem/uem), partnership, VEM, vem

In continued partnership with the United Evangelical Mission, the Reformed Church in Hungary was represented at the General Assembly in Parapat, Indonesia.

Peace and Reunification

2018. szeptember 21., tags: presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok)

Representing the Reformed Church in Hungary, Rev. Balázs Ódor, ecumenical officer, attended the general assemblies of the two Korean partner churches, as well as the consultation of PROK.

Commitment to the Gospel, Passion for Justice

2018. szeptember 13., tags: debrecen reformed theological university, presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, honorary doctorate

Debrecen Reformed Theological University presented Rev. Dr. Jooseop Keum with an honorary doctorate for his ecumenical engagement in shaping the Reformed and ecumenical theological thinking of our time.

True examples of partnership

2018. július 18., tags: partnership, refugee ministry

Extraordinary pledges, donations, and other signs of solidarity are shown from partner churches and organizations in response to a call from the Reformed Church in Hungary in support of Kalunba Social Services Ltd.

A Sign of Peace and Partnership

2018. július 10., tags: church of lippe, partnership

A delegation from the Church of Lippe, made a partnership visit to Hungary at the end of June. During this visit, the group was introduced to the recent activities of the RCH and met with representatives of various ministries.

Healing Wounds

2018. április 27., tags: middle east, partnership, Middle East, interview, national evangelical synod in lebanon and syria (nessl)

 “By sharing our resources to help people achieve their own better lives, we are showing them how much we love them.” During her visit to Hungary, Rev. Najla Kassab, President of the WCRC, shared her thoughts and experiences on the life of the Hungarian Reformed community, the current situation in Syria, and the cooperation within the Communion, especially between RCH and NESSL.

Global Ministries Pray for Hungary

2018. április 26., tags: global ministries, partnership

This week the congregations of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) offer prayers for Hungary.

RCH attends Third Partners’ Consultation

2018. április 25., tags: Middle East, middle east, union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne), partnership, national evangelical synod in lebanon and syria (nessl)

Responding to the invitation of NESSL, the RCH attended the Third Partners’ Consultation in Lebanon. At the conclusion of the Consultation, the partners issued a memorandum.

A Light of Hope and Peace

2018. április 19., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), Middle East, middle east, rch, partnership

WCRC President, Rev. Najla Kassab visited Hungary for the first time to attend the WCRC Europe Area Council meeting. During her stay in Hungary, Rev. Kassab attended various meetings and met with officials of the government, as well as leadership of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC).

CTS group visiting Central Europe

2018. február 01., tags: Columbia Theological Seminary (CTS), partnership, refugee ministry, columbia theological seminary (cts), refugee

On 11 January 2018, a student group from Columbia Theological Seminary visited the Synod Office. The group was introduced to the various ministries of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Hungarian-Korean Theological Conference in Sárospatak

2018. január 30., tags: partnership

The Hungarian-Korean Reformed Theological Forum held its third conference between 8-12 January 2018 in Sárospatak, Hungary.

Scholarship for Syrian School Kids

2018. január 23., tags: syria, rch, partnership, middle east, Middle East

RCH continues in partnership with HEKS/EPER to support the work of Reformed churches in the Middle East.

Looking Back at 2017

2018. január 15., tags: partnership

As we welcome the New Year 2018, we reflect on the events of 2017 and give thanks for the things that happened within the Reformed Church in Hungary.

In Solidarity with Syria

2017. december 14., tags: syria, partnership, middle east, Middle East, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

A delegation of the Reformed Church in Hungary recently paid a solidarity visit to Reformed Churches in Lebanon and Syria. Read the reflection from Diana Erdélyi, member of the delegation and RCH ecumenical secretary.

Witnessing Together to the Power of God’s Love

2017. október 03., tags: partnership

Bishop Dr Gusztáv Bölcskei, on behalf of the RCH, recently attended the Global Forum for the Future of World Christianity’s 2nd International Forum in Seoul, Korea. The event gathered church leaders from around the world to identify new, creative and deeply spiritual (dynamic) alternatives for promoting common witness in the areas of unity and mission; diaconia and education; and promoting justice and peace.

Reformation Travels Rejuvenate Partnerships

2017. szeptember 19., tags: ucc, reformation, partnership, united church of christ (ucc), UCC

The RCH was pleased to host a high-level delegation from the UCC from September 16-19 as they explored Europe to expand their understanding of their Reformed heritage. The RCH has partnered with the UCC on many projects in the last years, including mission co-worker placements and mission projects.

We Share an Active Faith

2017. június 20., tags: presbyterian church in canada, partnership

The PCC and RCH have a long standing relationship, one which has lately focused on the development of youth in the church and the shared experiences of lay women in leadership. Two lay women from the RCH recently visited the PCC to continue building the relationship between the two churches. 

WCRC Takes a Stand for the Transylvanian Reformed Church District

2017. június 09., tags: reformed church district in transylvania, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), partnership, wold communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

Jerry Pillay, President of the WCRC, recently made a solidarity visit to the Reformed Church District in Transylvania. During this visit, Pillay met with Bishop Béla Kató to discuss the plight of Hungarians living in Romania and offer his support to strengthen the church through acts of solidarity

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