2017 Reformation jubilee

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In 2017, Reformed churches around the world will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and in Hungary preparation for the jubilee year has already begun. 

Word of Greetings

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On behalf of the Reformed Church in Hungary, I welcome you to our new website acquainting you with our life and ministry. We offer regular news updates to inform you about events and issues within our community. Please, journey together with us by signing up for our electronic newsletter. I firmly hope that our effort will affect a deeper fellowship with you and give you an insight into the life of an ever reforming community which, moved by the Spirit, seeks to fulfill its mission in proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed. I also invite you to share your comments, questions and thoughts. Please, challenge us. I greatly appreciate your interest in our life.
Yours in our Lord, Jesus Christ, Gusztáv Bölcskei, Presiding Bishop of the RCH

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Our church through American eyes


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