Mission Coworkers

The RCH believes it is important to deepen the cooperation and relationship with partner churches by inviting and welcoming mission coworkers or mission personnel. They are friends who wish to live out their call to Jesus Christ through service to the RCH. Their call to service includes a commitment to partnership and mutuality in their work. Mission coworkers serve in a variety of settings and play an important role in deepening our relations with their home churches. Our church collaborates with missionaries from America, Canada and Korea, who are involved in different fields of RCH ministry for example,in the service among Roma and refugees.

Richard and Carolyn Otterness – Reformed Church in America

In partnership with the Hungarian Reformed Church, RCA mission personnel Richard and Carolyn Otterness mentor and serve as consultants to volunteer workers of several nationalities who minister with Roma in Hungary and in Hungarian-speaking areas of neighbouring countries. They support and collaborate with other ecumenical Christians to help Roma develop their own congregations and build bridges to existing congregations, access health care and education, and find employment or start small businesses.


Kathy and Joe Angi – Presbyterian Church in USA - Presbyterian Women's Association

Kathy is involved in three projects, two of which are in Transcarpathia. One of them is a project of Women Association, in which Roma women create baskets and sell them. The other one concerns the placement of water filters in poor areas. Kathy is also part of the "We Belong" curriculum preparation group, which is a joint American/Hungarian mission training pack for creating open and inclusive congregations. Joe has retired, but accompanies Kathy on her journeys, which are two or three times a year for approximately two months.


Chae Hwa Jeong – Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)

Chae – Hwa Jeong and his family came to Hungary in January, 2003 to serve as a mission coworker of the Reformed Church in Hungary. He and his wife, Jung Hye Yung have two daughters and one son. He teaches Bible studies in Greater Grace International School, is involved in Roma ministry and serves as a pastor in the Budapest Korean Presbyterian Church. Hi plans to build the relationship between PCK and RCH, and help the twinning relationship between their congregations. He would like to learn more about Hungary and the RCH as well as serve as a part of the RCH's ministry in the field of Roma integration and homeless ministry.


Priscilla Yang – Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)/Global Ministries

Priscilla Yang is a Global Mission Intern from Global Ministries, the combined overseas ministry of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in America. She is working in English communications with the Ecumenical Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary as well as serving with the Refugee Ministry and Roma Mission of the RCH. Currently, her term of service in Hungary is one year.


Rev. Kim Seon Koo – Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

Rev. Seon Koo, accompanied by his wife, serves alongside the RCH at Károli Gáspár University in Budapest. There he teaches at the Institute for East Asian Languages in the areas of Korean language and Korean church history. He also supports the Korean Presbyterian community in Budapest, participates in Roma ministry through the RCH, and represents the partnership between PROK and RCH. Rev. Seon Koo and his wife are serving in Hungary for five years.

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