RCH Took Part in the Global Forum On Future Christianity

RCH Took Part in the Global Forum On Future Christianity

The 2015 Jeju Forum brought together 150 global leaders from different contexts and traditions, to discuss the theme “Christian Witness in Changing Global Landscapes". RCH was represented by Rector Gusztáv Bölcskei.

Our Church

Facts and Statistics

In Hungary, 1.15 million people claimed a Reformed affiliation in the 2011 Census, including 600,000 active in Reformed congregations.


Our Call

Following the call of Christ, the RCH aims to be a witness in the world, fulfilling a faithful mission and strives to live as an ever-reforming church.



For many centuries, our Reformed church has played a significant role in the historical and cultural development of Hungary.



Congregations are considered the most fundamental unit of our church, based on the principle: "the church exists in its congregations."


Hungarian Reformed Community

The Hungarian Reformed Church is composed of the Hungarian-speaking Reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin.



The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) is the "mother" of many Hungarian Reformed churches and communities all over the world. 


Ecumenical Relations

The RCH works with different ecumenical organizations across Hungary to demonstrate its dedication to “Communion as unity in diversity."


RCH Scholarship Program: Enabling Cross-Cultural Learning

Nurturing future generations of pastors is an important task for any church denomination. In the RCH, one way this is realized is through a scholarship program where students have the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

Church and Society

Mission to the People

Mission is a priority task in the life of the RCH. Through active mission, our church reaches out to every needy group in Hungarian society.



The diaconal service aims to reach people in need and motivate Reformed congregations to "Carry each other's burdens." (Gal. 6:2)



The RCH fulfills its mission through maintaining certain institutions that serve not only their local communities, but people nationwide.

Roma Ministry

What Does This Jesus Wants From Me?

“Last year it was quite hard to round up nine people, today thirty-six of us have gathered here” - shared his joy a pastor at the National Roma Mission Meeting and Prayer Day.

International Ecumenical Relations

Partnership and Co-operation

The partnership and cooperation with churches and organisations around the world, has always played a major role in the life of the RCH.


Coordination of Ecumenical Relations

The International and Ecumenical Committee, assisted by the Ecumenical Advisory Board, is responsible for the RCH’s ecumenical strategy.


Mission Coworkers

The RCH believes it is important to deepen the relationships with partner churches by inviting and welcoming mission coworkers.


Congregational Partnerships - Twinning

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with a Hungarian Reformed congregation, please contact us!

2015 Youth Assembly of RCH

Kép: 2015 Youth Assembly of RCH
Trust was the theme that brought youth together for the 2015 Youth Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary on 17th – 18th April. Youth from all over Hungary gathered in the Synod Building of the RCH for this event.


Light at Easter in dark times

The Reformed community in Sub-Carpathia witness the resurrection, source of hope despite all the hardships they have to face. Read an encouraging Easter testimony from Ukraine.

Bishops and Lay Presidents met in Ukraine

The Presidium of the General Convent (GC) held its regular meeting in Berehove as part of the solidarity shown to the local reformed church.

New wave of mobilisation and deepening humanitarian crises in Ukraine

Kép: New wave of mobilisation and deepening humanitarian crises in Ukraine

As part of a humanitarian crisis intervention, coordinated by the UN, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid delivers relief supplies to Sub-Carpathia and to the refugee camps in Eastern- Ukraine.


CTS Students Visited Hungary

Aim of the annual exposure trips is “to deepen one’s experience and understanding of the Church and its ministry in a significantly different socio-cultural context”.

CoS Church & Society Secretary Visited Hungary

Martin Johnstone, the Secretary of the Church of Scotland’s Church & Society Council was in Hungary from 17th -23rd of April for an official visit with the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Sabbatical Spent in Cambridge

How to Develop Fellowship and Community in the National Church and within the Local Congregation? Report of RCH pastor on his sabbatial spent in Cambridge.

Synod Issued a Declaration on the Armenian Genocide

The Synod of the RCH issued a declaration on the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide at iand on the Protection of the Christians Currently Suffering Persecution

Almost There

With the election of the Synod Legal Advisor and Chief Archivist, the new Synod, constituted on 25 February, is now almost complete. The election of the General Secretary has been postponed.

Church Leaders sent Easter Messages

Ressurrection is a fact, not a myth. Heads of churches proclaimed the Gospel publically at Easter.

Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council

We are pleased to share the Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary and the Permanent Council of Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference.

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Our church through American eyes

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