Light at Easter in dark times

Light at Easter in dark times

The Reformed community in Sub-Carpathia witness the resurrection, source of hope despite all the hardships they have to face. Read an encouraging Easter testimony from Ukraine.

Our Church

Facts and Statistics

In Hungary, 1.15 million people claimed a Reformed affiliation in the 2011 Census, including 600,000 active in Reformed congregations.


Our Call

Following the call of Christ, the RCH aims to be a witness in the world, fulfilling a faithful mission and strives to live as an ever-reforming church.



For many centuries, our Reformed church has played a significant role in the historical and cultural development of Hungary.



Congregations are considered the most fundamental unit of our church, based on the principle: "the church exists in its congregations."


Hungarian Reformed Community

The Hungarian Reformed Church is composed of the Hungarian-speaking Reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin.



The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) is the "mother" of many Hungarian Reformed churches and communities all over the world. 


Ecumenical Relations

The RCH works with different ecumenical organizations across Hungary to demonstrate its dedication to “Communion as unity in diversity."


RCH Scholarship Program: Enabling Cross-Cultural Learning

Nurturing future generations of pastors is an important task for any church denomination. In the RCH, one way this is realized is through a scholarship program where students have the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

Church and Society

Mission to the People

Mission is a priority task in the life of the RCH. Through active mission, our church reaches out to every needy group in Hungarian society.



The diaconal service aims to reach people in need and motivate Reformed congregations to "Carry each other's burdens." (Gal. 6:2)



The RCH fulfills its mission through maintaining certain institutions that serve not only their local communities, but people nationwide.

Roma Ministry

Roma and Non-Roma People Apologized to Each Other In Balatonszárszó

Between the 25th and the 28th of February, nearly sixty people attended the conference called “Rapprochement Among Nations”, which provided an opportunity to experience the healing and reconciliation among Christians of different origins.

International Ecumenical Relations

Partnership and Co-operation

The partnership and cooperation with churches and organisations around the world, has always played a major role in the life of the RCH.


Coordination of Ecumenical Relations

The International and Ecumenical Committee, assisted by the Ecumenical Advisory Board, is responsible for the RCH’s ecumenical strategy.


Mission Coworkers

The RCH believes it is important to deepen the relationships with partner churches by inviting and welcoming mission coworkers.


Congregational Partnerships - Twinning

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with a Hungarian Reformed congregation, please contact us!

“Instead of cursing, they prayed”

Kép: “Instead of cursing, they prayed”
An exhibition called The Transcarpathian “Malenkij robot” was organized in memory of this tragedy in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.


Bishops and Lay Presidents met in Ukraine

The Presidium of the General Convent (GC) held its regular meeting in Berehove as part of the solidarity shown to the local reformed church.

New wave of mobilisation and deepening humanitarian crises in Ukraine

Kép: New wave of mobilisation and deepening humanitarian crises in Ukraine

As part of a humanitarian crisis intervention, coordinated by the UN, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid delivers relief supplies to Sub-Carpathia and to the refugee camps in Eastern- Ukraine.


Church Leaders sent Easter Messages

Ressurrection is a fact, not a myth. Heads of churches proclaimed the Gospel publically at Easter.

Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council

We are pleased to share the Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary and the Permanent Council of Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference.

I trust in You

Szabolcs Szontágh head of the Youth Office of RCH and Margit Tímea Kiss the Starpoint Festival Coordinator had talks about this year’s Starpoint Festival which will take place on 21st - 25th July in Tata, Hungary.

Starpoint again: Let’s meet in Tata!

Every second year, young people gather from around the Carpathian Basin and from abroad, to come together in community and to share and discuss the event’ theme.

The Bible of Vizsoly became Hungaricum

Hungaricum is a value which is typical for Hungary, recognized both in Hungary and abroad and the Hungaricum Committee classifies it as Hungaricum.

Joint statement against religious violence

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary and the Catholic Church in Hungary issued a joint statement referring to the outrage in Copenhagen as well as to the execution of Egyptian Christians in Libya.

European Church representatives meet in Belfast

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland has hosted the two-day annual meeting of the fifth Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Europe (WCRC Europe) at Assembly Buildings in Belfast.

Study on the case of Székely Mikó High School of Sepsiszentgyörgy

The Research Institue for Hungarian Communities Abroad has published a study analysing the case of church property, Székely Mikó High School of Sepsisentgyörgy.

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Our church through American eyes

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