The Kingdom of God is Among You

The Kingdom of God is Among You

The 2019 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival took place in Debrecen from 23 July to 27 July. This year, the festival focused on the theme of Unity and Community: The Kingdom of God Surrounds Us.

Our Church

Facts and Statistics

In Hungary, 1.15 million people claimed a Reformed affiliation in the 2011 Census, including 600,000 active in Reformed congregations.


Our Call

Following the call of Christ, the RCH aims to be a witness in the world, fulfilling a faithful mission and strives to live as an ever-reforming church.



For many centuries, our Reformed church has played a significant role in the historical and cultural development of Hungary.



Congregations are considered the most fundamental unit of our church, based on the principle: "the church exists in its congregations."


Hungarian Reformed Community

The Hungarian Reformed Church is composed of the Hungarian-speaking Reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin.



The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) is the "mother" of many Hungarian Reformed churches and communities all over the world. 


Ecumenical Relations

The RCH works with different ecumenical organizations across Hungary to demonstrate its dedication to “Communion as unity in diversity."

Roma Ministry

Even to read we must perish is dreadful

Kép: Even to read we must perish is dreadful

A physical theatre performance commemorates the tragedy of the Roma Holocaust at the 75th Anniversary of the extermination of some three thousand Roma in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In Peace for God, each other, ourselves

Kép: In Peace for God, each other, ourselves

In light of International Romani Day, Reformed Roma communities in the Carpathian Basin gathered to worship and pray for one another. This year, reconciliation is the focus of the event.

Church and Society

Mission to the People

Mission is a priority task in the life of the RCH. Through active mission, our church reaches out to every needy group in Hungarian society.



The diaconal service aims to reach people in need and motivate Reformed congregations to "Carry each other's burdens." (Gal. 6:2)



The RCH fulfills its mission through maintaining certain institutions that serve not only their local communities, but people nationwide.

International Ecumenical Relations

Partnership and Co-operation

The partnership and cooperation with churches and organisations around the world, has always played a major role in the life of the RCH.


Coordination of Ecumenical Relations

The International and Ecumenical Committee, assisted by the Ecumenical Advisory Board, is responsible for the RCH’s ecumenical strategy.


Mission Coworkers

The RCH believes it is important to deepen the relationships with partner churches by inviting and welcoming mission coworkers.


Congregational Partnerships - Twinning

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with a Hungarian Reformed congregation, please contact us!

Together in the Body of Christ

Kép: Together in the Body of Christ
“We are looking forward to learning and connecting,” said Rev. Amanda Currie, the Moderator of the PCC. From 16-19 September, Rev. Currie, accompanied by Nicholas Jesson and Rev. Glynis Williams, visited the RCH as part of the mission trip to Hungary and Romania.


Issues of Fundamental Significance

The environment organizations of the Reformed and Lutheran Church wrote a letter to the President of Hungary which has been answered positively by the Office of the President.

In Need of More Esthers

Kép: In Need of More Esthers

Ecumenical guests journeyed to Starpoint from 11 countries and 16 partner churches of the RCH. Some expected a conference while others were surprised that, here, youthful songs were being sung. We spoke with eight out of the 31 guests, and we also asked them of their favorite Bible verse that gives them strength.

RCH at Summer School on Human Rights

Thanks to the generous support of the Protestant Church in Rhinland (EKiR), RCH was able to send a young participant to the United Evangelical Mission's Human Rights training in Wuppertal.

Christian Values in Public Life

A Conference of Reformed Intellectuals about Public Theology, Protestant roots and Christian values. Inteview with Gábor Zila from the Reformed Culture and Public Life Foundation.

God does not Want a Boring Church

Debrecen’s newest Reformed community, the congregation of Úrrét, just turned one year old. The community, dynamically expanding, maybe they will have a church in the years to come.

Starpoint 2019: Unity and Community

In July the Reformed Church of Hungray hosted 31 internationals from 11 different countries and from 17 different partner church’s, many of whom are members of the World Communion of Reformed Church.

Vision Trip to Ukraine

Personal testimony about the third consecutive visit and mission trip of the Korean Presbyterian Church in Minnesota with to the Hungarian reformed communities in Ukraine.

Middle East

We Are Not Small

Kép: We Are Not Small

The Reformed Congregation in Szentendre has begun building relations with a congregation in Syria. We asked Rev. András Harmathy about the plans, including visit to the war-torn country.

Life Returning to Syria

In late March, a sizeable delegation visited the Evangelical churches of Lebanon and Syria, signing memoranda of commitment. We have asked the delegates about their experiences.

Migrants in Hungary

I was a stranger and you welcomed me

“Depending on the context, the challenges are different, but as a church, we are all confronted with the issue of migration,” - RCH represented at the Church of Westfalia's partner conference.

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Our church through American eyes


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